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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Stephan King writes about the thinning of reality in his Darktower series. I think I experienced that this weekend. Reno, the biggest little town in Nevada. This is a place where the veneer of humanity has been rubbed so thin that you can see the cancerous lesions just under the surface! I was so excited to go, my first trip in seven years, and it sucked!
Just off the plane I turned on my phone to check my messages and I had two heart crushing txts from my sister. My niece and nephew (12 and 10) didn’t come home from school. The time stamp was 9:30, the phone said 12:03 and I almost puked! After calling my sister and the Caldwell police station I spent the night spinning on the situation, it has been three days and I don’t think I am fully over it. The kids are fine; they showed up in the morning.
Maybe this tainted the whole trip, maybe. I don’t think so, I think Reno is one of those places that is just thin, it asks, no calls for things like this to happen….

Born on wings

Rustling past
The sound of wind on wing
Stretched taut, extended
Nerves firing
Adrenalin flowing along channels
Dug for only that reason
I knew I would never
She shouts, lifting her face to the sky
I knew….I knew I knew I knew!
I knew wrong
She whispers into the silence so deafening
With a snap
Her reverie is broken
Born on wings she screams
I fly!

Chris McQueeney, 11/21/11 9:50PM


jennifer said...

Beautiful poem! And my oh my was that heartwrenching for sure! A living nightmare which i don't ever care to repeat. Thanks for being there for me, and for being willing to go to any lengths for them. We are a lovingly protective family, and it amazes me:). As for Reno, I've been there a few times, and I so get the worn thin( pretty much invisibly thin) impression as well.

Wine and Words said...

Sounds heart wrenching. I'm not a fan of Reno, or Las Vegas, or any big city for that matter. Yes...the veneer is all but gone. You can see clear through to the heart of the matter, and it flutters with the faltering beat of an ailing organ. I'm sorry for the stress of those texts. It could only be worse for a parent, and that ain't saying much. It's just plain bad. Anyone missing is...bad. Real bad. We want so much to have more control than we do. This kind of thing brings home the truth. We have little.

King wrote the story "THIN" also, didn't he??? A curse against a word, "thin" and he shed himself until he was skeletal.

Ben Ditty said...

I can only now appreciate how hard it is on our parents when we wondered off without telling them.

She Writes said...

This is among my favorites. It conjures up a variety of emotions and takes me all over the map of being human.