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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

With sights of things not real

This is an offering to three word Wednesday, a mid week experiment on inspiration here is the link to that site....threewordwednesday.

With sights of things not real

I drank
I sooo drank
Wobbling and tipsy
With a hitch in my step
And a slur in my speech
I’m quitting! I state
With the certitude only a drunk can muster
Six pack in hand
Mikes hard lemonade to warm my way
On the long cold journey
Fortifying myself for what was to come
At the end of that three block trudge
Through snow and cold and drink
Waited shakes And vomit And pain
Delirium driven ravings with sights of things not real
Three days
Three days was all I could make it
I drank

Chris McQueeney 11/9/11 8:07AM

The events that inspired this will be in my book. Oh yes, did I not tell you? I have officially started my first book. I have the outline for twenty seven chapters, the intro, and a good chunk of several chapters written! This has been in the wings for twenty two years. the dust is thick on some parts, but I have some lemon pledge, a rag, and some elbow grease!


Berowne said...

Beautifully crafted lines, with meaning.

Sheilagh Lee said...

congratulations on your book.This sounds like a wonderful start

jennifer said...

Nice piece ! And.... YAYAYAY TO THE BOOK. I can't wait!:)

Laurie Kolp said...

Sounds like its been quite a journey... one day at a time.

MaryA said...

We will all be looking for that book. Keep us informed on how it is going.

Wine and Words said...

Tough. To need so badly. To need to. To need not to, and the way those two things bruise each other until one lays limp and dying.

I'm happy you are dusting off the book!

Wander said...

Thank you all, I hate the way I get to answer comments.

Ben Ditty said...

Excited to read it!

booguloo said...

I could have so related a few years back. Now one is too many.

She Writes said...

I am glad it is in the past tense that this is written. That said, I like this one. It carries a precarious tension.