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Friday, January 31, 2014


God morn to you
I say
Just another day in paradice
You grin
Bit o tooth
Wicked cackle, far from affable
U say as from your spoon
A single frozen pea
Lofts somewhere
Morter's away bound to get her
Bit not sure
Bout ta rangy got to be close
Muttered to your tea cup
Swirling its cozy
Been galvanized you shout to the sky
Winking conspiratorioly
Side talked whisper to me
Fortified tiz most like
Gulping sip large hiss
With the cozy in hand at me u point and
Hells yes em -tea cup to plate u slam
That got er for sure
From the other end o the table
Starts a high pitched
Thunder bout a galvanized pea
Of the two the tea was the latter
Tipped hat somewhat affably you say
Looking rangy, bit rakish
Good day to u sir
From down the table
Bombs away! Tea cozy to hand
Dabbing prune from chin
With a wink to your mouth it goes, a quick nibble
Its the fiber
Important, so they say

Chris mcqueeney written in responce to a piece christopher wrote


Brian Miller said...

a war across the breakfast table...what a way to start the morning eh? ugh...interesting dialect you use in this man...

hope the week is going well brother...

Ben Ditty said...

Bombs and tea cozies start any morning off right ;-)

Wander said...

What a glorious morn tit will be...she'll see?..wait, those are good for a morning, but she be a lady sir! And why would you put cream to your tea? ....yes I know, I'll ask that, that...what would you call someone like you anyway...Mam...that can't be for sure in the least, mams I am speaking at, And I tell you true they You resemble not in the least...tea? Why a spot would sit nicely tit mams, to the bearded gnome wielding one I speak...pssss" it isn't nice to stare, you had a mother she of course had two of those, correct? How else are you to have a proper spot o tea...with two lumps of course...cream?