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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Fire Rained

On that day
Home from school
A reprieve from that hell
A short stay amongstblanket
Covered couch cushions
Warm and drowsey
The launch, first sexpot in space,
My brothers teacher
To the heavens flew away
Fire rained from that crule sky
We wepped oh horrer
Just like kennedy i hear
My mom say
About your age
Shot him dead
Didnt go to school that day
Phone rings
Mister yanky princaple
Lincoln elementry
Schools canceled, for sure today
They had rolling tvs special that morning of firey rain
Special launch
First teacher woman towards space
Challangers exploded, no school today
She/ they are all gone
Today we mourn their loss
Tragidy, just like kennedy
She tells yankee from lincoln
Transported back
To the morning of her childhood
When fire rained from a cruel sky
He as dead as they
Fire rained from that horrid sky
We stayed home that day
Crying as mom muttered away about
Her pain
Two youngins left
To make their own way

Chris Mcqueeney.   Jan 30 2014


Brian Miller said...

i remember watching the explosion on tv in science class as it booth was my teacher....

kj said...

I was with a client when it happened as we shared watching the shock and horror together

Lots of misspellings here, Chris, and they seem to add to the piece , not distract