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Friday, February 21, 2014

Do things happen for a reason, or are they just random events that we try to ma e since of to survive...a year and a half ago i probably would have said things were random, that life just was. now , feel a bit different about it....

Special ed Scarecrow

Floating through life
Shipwrecked albatross
Ditrious razed to the level
Of gem stone covered
Memories remain seen though
Through the ditrious haze
Shipwrecked albatross
Floating lost
Some things gotta change
Choppy seas beget sick
Firm ground, complete loss
Never been cut out for
This shit
Special ed scarecrow
God driven
Riddled middens
Of a perceived life
Special ed scarecrow
Home with no young ones
Bed with no wife
Gonna grow wings
Learn to fly
Shipwrecked no more
Albatross gotta go
Memories of a life remain
Ditrious riddled middens
God driven living
Giving a special ed scarecrow
A place indoors, view of the sky
With room to grow

Christopher McQueeney   2/17/14    3:00P.M.

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

the shipwrecked albatross is an intriguing image...the desire to grow wings & fly...all too real...smiles.