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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I have missed you

Lost a bet, or won it...either way

Glad I read this first my dear friend
Sad your words have been
I have missed you

Just over a year ago god drew a map in the sand
The outline of just about everything
Walk this path tread without doubt
Its the only way
They'll all hate you
At least parts of the way
Pain my son most steps
Starting today

Like running a ridiculously
Long way backwards
What does running backwards towards that day
Prove anyway
We have seen u fall enough over as many years
Lost a bet he say
His prayer got answered, and for that he would have agreed, said ok

Just over a year my friend,
Backwards i have run towards that future day
Stumbled and fell
Picked myself up to hear my loves say
What does it take
Why try so hard to prove you know how to loose

I shouldn't have tried to edify
Should have said
Made a prayer on that early January day
Was answered
Said ok

Got one choice
He told me
There's only one way

Had to walk away from u
My closest friend as backward I tread
I couldn't handle seeing
That look come to your eyes
As u watched me dying

I was given one choice
He knew that I can't be afforded wiggle room
Might not end up looking like pieces of debris
On an ocean floor
he carried me much of this way

Graced with an answer to my prayer

I said ok


Claudia said...

it's painful if we have to walk away from people that mean much to us cause there's a certain way to go and for some reason they cannot join us...felt...

kj said...

some good friend here in this good poem

i hope the news is also good: i think so?


kj said...

chris, i left you a comment from fb and never seem to learn that those comments don't stick.

it's great to see you writing again. i know patience is the hardest but i believe you will make it through. the 'if i survive' is behind you, i hope. i hope.

about your brain and mental challenge, have you had neuropsych testing? that is the standard and important. ask your doctor for a referral for a full battery: will take an hour or 90 minutes or more. it will allow a focus for treatment and be a baseline for a year later when the testing is repeated. the brain can have a long recovery

don't give up. and don't drink.