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Sunday, December 4, 2011


                This is hard for me, I have a hard enough time when things are familiar; just give me a Coors at ______s and a fight on the tube and I’m good to go. Amy has been telling me I need to expand my horizons, and that I don’t have to catch a Greyhound to do that.
                I’m not writing this to fulfill some personal need to live on…Amy, Amy is the reason. Amy is my wife. Ten years ago we met at the antique store in Waldport. You know those P.B.R. neon signs, the ones they had in the 70s?  I was looking at one and thinking how cool it would be to have it mounted on the wall above my keg fridge. Turning to ask the clerk to pull it for me I ran into her. She was so small I almost knocked her over, but was able to catch her.
                 “God I’m sorry”!
                She laughs “don’t worry about it. I shouldn’t have stood so close, but that thing is so butt ugly I couldn’t help myself”
                “I know right.” oh, yeah did I say she is beautiful…that bump started my life.
                Three weeks ago Amy called me crying and I thought someone had died. After an intense moment she said two words “We’re pregnant”. As an adult I had never cried until that moment, “We’re pregnant”!
 Yesterday Dr. Ross called to tell me I am dying…..

Chris McQueeney 12/4/11 8:56AM


jennifer said...

Really enjoying the instalment thus far! I look forward to the next one:)

Ben Ditty said...

Oh, wow that would be awful!

christopher said...


Does she have Bette Davis eyes?
Can she make a crow blush?

Wine and Words said...

Timing is a bitch. I've always thought so and one hand or the other has never been on my side. I hammer minutes and hand on hours that will not fit into my agenda. Sucks. I felt the end of this like a punch in the gut.

Wander said...

@Christopher I am definitely going to flesh out the meeting, and there will be more of Amy later on in the story. For now Mike hasn’t elaborated more, and seeing as how this is his story, I have to follow it the way he tells it to me…
@Annie (If I spell your name differently every time I type at you please don’t be offended) Sometimes when I write I feel relieved afterword, sometimes energized, with this I feel brutalized! I always wondered how authors figured out those cliff drops….and yes I mean cliff drops, not cliffhanger. I wonder if they felt the impact of the ground the way I did as those words came out of my finger.
@Ben this story was brought about by your blog….not the idea or any of the content and style…for the last twenty two years my dream has been to write fiction. Being so new to actually being able to write I was scared to try fiction, sticking only to autobiographic ramblings and poems. Then I started to read your blog and it reminded me why I wanted to write. So here’s to the maiden voyage of my very first flagship…Cheers!

She Writes said...

Amy, huh? I like her name :). But this story leaves me wondering where it came from and was going. Maybe I'll find more as I read.