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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day after Day

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!!! Another year has gone past and I have survived with at least some of my sanity intact. This was a tough year, but throughout it I had the support of friends and family.

 I would like to give special thanks to a few of those. Christopher H. thank you my friend for all the many hours of time you invested in me this year; you said you feel that you haven't done much, but my friend you have done more than you will ever know! Jenny C., my sister, I love you so very much, and I am grateful for the hours you have spent listening to me and for opening your home to me in my time of need; you may say that is what family does, but that isn't always true. Jason C. thank you as well for making me feel welcome.

There are many more that I could thank on a personal level, but I don't have time now to do that. so to all the many people that have helped carry me when I could not walk, thank you!

Ok so this is my final post for the year 2011, have happy new year, and be safe.

This poem is one of my favourites,

Day after Day

He went by day after day
Living life and loving that way
He went by day after day
Until the day
He didn’t go by
No living No life No loving that way
Where is he now,
Why didn’t he stay?
You ask this
At least you think you do
It was not he who left
Instead it was you
He still goes by day after day
Wishing you could have stayed

Chris McQueeney  2011….

I Am humbled to except  the perfect poets award from the poetry palace     click here                      And I would like to nominate  Robin


jennifer said...

Love it! And love you brother!:) We help carry eachother because that is what WE do, I know that not everyone does, we are lucky to have eachother, as well as the friends,family,and support system we have. :)

kj said...

aw chris, i had no part in your year or life but i am thankful to arrive here to witness your thanks to the people who love and care for you. this poem is very good. very good. simple words that pack a punch. i understand it: been there too.

with love and best wishes for the new year. i'll be sharing it with you

christopher said...

Thank you.

Ben Ditty said...

Very thought provoking! Happy New Year, my friend :)

Wine and Words said...

Well, we went through a rough year. May 2012 be a wellspring of new beginnings, ideas, creativity and joy...following on the heals of all that is old and wise.

The Poetry Palace said...

love it,

The Poetry Palace said...


Hope all is well,
Glad to land on your island that showcase fabulous poetry talent, way to go!!!

Welcome join us by submitting a free verse or a poem of your choice today,


Happy New Year!
Bless You.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Wonderful poem! Happy New Year!

Kitty said...

..Love the depths of your mind and soul.

Wander said...

@ Kitty...your mind and soul are a vast landscape to be explored for an eternity...

@ Ben, My day is brightned by the fact that you concider me a friend, I can tell you are a good friend to have!

@ Marbles, or would you prefer me to refer to you by your given name? Happy New Year to you as well.

@ Annie, thank you, may you find that place...

@ KJ thank you as well...I have to decifer which of your blogs to follow, I dont think I have time for all of them:-)

@ poetry palace, thanks for the invite...I'll take you up on that.

@ All, happy new year!!!

Snowflakes said...

amazing emotions, smiles.

have fun!

robin said...

nice twist .. enjoyed

Taylor Boomer said...

smart story telling.

She Writes said...

"It was not he who left
Instead it was you
He still goes by day after day
Wishing you could have stayed"

A year later. I wonder what he does now day after day?