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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year...

Well into the new year I wanted to send you all my best wishes!  And those of you in the Portland area who got into trouble last night....Be seeing ya soon ;-)

Empty glass

The ringing tinkle
Jingle jingle
Hark what sound is that,
Tiz it merry,
Tiz it bright?
Alas no
It’s only the lonely ring
Of ice on an
Empty glass

Where did I put that bottle?

Chris McQueeney 12/24/11 12:01 PM


kj said...

definitely lonliness. shown in few words and few questions. nice writing, chris.

and happy new year to you


Ben Ditty said...

I felt very festive reading this :) Cheers!

christopher said...

Loneliness Such As Few Know

Shit. I let it run
out. Now what? The dope man went
to jail. The stores all
are closed New Years Day.

barefoot mama said...