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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The world under

The world under

Look closely
The world under the world over
Is a lovely place
Held together by a fairly thin line

The sky is clearer
In the world under the world over
The grass greener
Than previously seen by you and I

Life is simple
On the world under the world over
If needed
Just fall away its no concern of mine

One thing true
Just like the world over the world under
Sad to say
Even the world under the world over isn’t immune

No matter where you’re at
Some assholes think
It is ok
To dump their shit in the woods!

Chris McQueeney  1/3/12  12:15AM

Written in response to the picture from Magpie tales this has been a fun thing for me to do if you feel like it give it a try. Credit for above picture-River, Marina Moevs, 2005


Brian Miller said...

the world under the world over...nice way to play the reflection in that...and nice enviro message as that people treat our world more like a toilet...

Shreya said...

nicely penned.

christopher said...

Amen to Brian. When Francie and I went to Canada, several years ago now, 2003 or thereabouts, we discovered that Canadians and their visitors do not behave like stupid Americans consistently do. That was so completely true that my former girlfriend left the country, emigrating to Canada for good.

Ben Ditty said...

I've always despised litter bugs. Beautiful poem and photo!

barefoot mama said...

wander without being lost...YES!!! Love this space

kj said...

i'm with ben. boo litterbugs! his use of the term made me laugh: litterbugs have advanced to litterjerks.

i like the repetitive refrain in this poem, chris.


Punk Chopsticks said...

I LOVE!!! Litter bugs piss me off, yeah xD Especially when i go camping.Btw, in response to your comment. At the exact moment, it was 7-up. Previously we'd been drinking Coke and I guess that's where the confusion occurred. Also, I ended up pouring 7-up into the kid's ice tray and now my phone is stolen after I worked as their teacher. Talk about karma xD

Wander said...

Thanks everyone! These mag posts are fun...I wanted to finishe this one in three but my wrighting has a mind of it's own!