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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ode to Yul

Mag 99

Ode to Yul Brynner

One day Yul had a staring contest
With himself
It took passerby’s a week
To realize what was happening
To this day
Yul is still in a Mexican standoff
With himself

Chris McQueeney 1/8/12 10:38AM

Here is the link back to Magpie tales...Mag 99


Kay said...

haha!! love it x

Catfish Tales said...


christopher said...


Wine and Words said...

Gawd...aren't we all ????

Susie Clevenger said...

This made me it!

Brian Miller said... looking in the mirror...i know a few that seem to do that forever...smiles.

kj said...

chris, this is hilarious! thank you for a wide grin right here right now.


Anonymous said...

that's so funny.

i see it that he's staring a Cohan...

days of cohan