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Thursday, January 26, 2012



Screaming she throws
Her life away
Over the heads of others
The meaning of the screams
Screaming she throws
Her soul away
Under the shodden feet
Of the friended masses
Screaming she throws
Her mind away
To be swallowed up
By the gnashing toothed
Screaming she throws
Her self away
Through bottled anger
And frayed rage

Chris McQueeney 1/26/12 9:52 PM

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Susie Clevenger said...

This is heavy...seems she is bound by both internal and external influences

christopher said...

Life is a steamroller and it often appears we choose our way when we do not. Certain people close in your heart are close in mine.

It Is Ever Thus

And still her children
wanted to play in the park
one more day, just one.

Brian Miller said...

ugh...the repitition of throwing herself away...makes this so sad...nicely written, evocative...

Marbles in My Pocket said...

And I thought mine was dark! This is like a scream from a darkened dungeon! Awesome write, Chris! Very impressive!

Ben Ditty said...

I'm a pervert. Couldn't stop looking at the photograph. Loved the poem too though! Your rhythm and feel is incredible.

Wine and Words said...

It's strange how easily we bend towards giving away pieces of ourself rather than protecting them, saving them, valuing them.

Wander said...

What is sad is often in life we throw ourselves away without realizing it...

Wander said...

Ben, gotta say again I am glad I found your blog, credit to Annie, you are a funny man...and about the photo, it was that or a bunch of lame crap and S&M picks.

Wander said...

Thank you Charles!

Wander said...

This was more nebular than all that Christopher, but of course it has it's roots in my mundain.

Should be simple

Playing at the park
Running in the sun all day
life's goal for today

Wander said...

Thank you Susie, more internal I think.

Kimolisa said...

Awesome poem, dark and effective.

Summer Rain said...


mark said...

Anger is certainly the greatest imprisoner. Well penned!

Kay said...

It certainly took me awhile to get to this. For that, I apologize. This is quite a piece. I read it four times. Thank you for sharing it with me.