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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It takes a special kinda stupid

And make it happy and shiny and new

She says count to ten
No, count from ten to zero
As if it is a game
Of hide and seek In reverse
Will counting from double digits To none
Take the hurt
And make it happy and shiny and new
Ten, Nine,
It’s not your fault they teach
Eight, Seven, Six
Moron In the college you went to
Five, Four,
But it takes a special kinda stupid
Three, Two,
To actually think that shit works

Chris Mcqueeney   3/27/12   12:02 P.M.

Hop on over to dVerse and see what the open verse has to offer


Anonymous said...


i needed this.


christopher said...

You reminded me of a night in December of 1971.


Thought I was hot shit
moving in the fancy zone,
slick and sleek that night.
It all changed at once.
Three stooges act rolling in
from out of left field
and I'm on the run,
stripped of all the bright bright bling,
whining it's not fair.

Wander said...

Thanks Lisa, I was actually pissed when I wroth this, but now about ten hours I read it and I laughed...

Chris I liked it! I am glad you felt a poem!

BerlinerinPoet said...

It took me a couple of readings, but I think I really like this a lot.

Anonymous said...

when you come down to it, what does work? who knows. i don't think prayer, or wishes or hoping words, things just turn out the way they do.

georgeson island

Erick Flores said...

Whoa, very straightforward. Well written man!
-Erick F.

P.S. - I am now following your blog.

Ben Ditty said...

Yay, always good when Chris laughs :)

Anonymous said...

am i strange for laughing when
people are fighting? ;)

maybe it's a nervous laugh.
or maybe i just like laughing.

Jira said...

Ah, the old count to ten trick... or count back from ten... whichever. That never worked for me... I'm pretty even tempered and it takes a lot to piss me off but if I need to count... ten is never enough. :)

Brian Miller said...

ha i really like your internal dialogue as you count down man...and yeah there are times it def does not work...

Wander said...

Thanks all, Ben I laugh much:-)
@Lisa I am not sure...That could go both ways, but laughing is good....

@ Berlinerinpoet Thank you...does that mean you don't like my other work? And can I call you Erin?

@Jira...didn't work for me either

@ Erick Thanks for the follow!

Susie Clevenger said...

I think we have all fallen for that shit at some point...I have. I learned moron without going to college. :)

erin said...

chris, this is painfully clever. i really like it but because of the pain it is difficult to say so.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Cute. Makes you wonder who came up with stuff like that.

kj said...

hahaha, the counselor in me has temporarily taken over.

there's a point when our blood pressure rises when we can't think straight. count your pulse and if it's over 25 in a minute that's what's happened. not a time to decide or react.

slow down, that's all. doesn't mean it solves anything. it must means you take some time.

okay. i'm done with the lecture.

the larger picture is whoever tells or told you or any of us that it's as simple as counting to ten is not on the planet earth. i could feel your disgust with someone feeding you that, mr. wander, and the only good thing about it is it is fuel for your poems.

which is no small thing.

feel better ♥

Wine and Words said...

Anger Management is a rough gig. Counting to or from 10 does not reduce or minimize anger and it doesn't eradicate hurt. What it does do is put you at a level above whoever angered you, by allowing you not to fire back with the first arrow that comes out of your mouth. We tend to want to hurt or anger as we have been hurt or angered. I'm really trying to step back, look at it non-defensively and then respond (hopefully nondefensively). Of course my success rate with these things is fair at best :)

Heaven said...

I can relate as I have a lousy temper...but I find that after counting and breathing, that I am able to handle my angst ~ Nice to see you here ~

sheila said...

this is great! I quite often hear people say (including myself)to mental health techniques- 'that's bullshit.' Some of those techniques do work, but for me, it takes lots of practice and time. :)

Other Mary said...

When you get to zero that's blast-off time right? Thanks for stopping by even though blogger isn't cooperating.

Isha Ethera said...

Well God dammit!

I wanted something more magical.. you can give me that cant you?

Sheesh, I dont know what to say now!
Dont get lost okay? ;)

Maybe it did work!

Good piece darling.
Thank you for that
whatever it was.

-Isha <3