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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Bye

Coming unannounced

I had a hard day
I had a piece
Of my heart
Breaking jaggedly
It was a sad day today
I got to
Slow motion
Watch a friend/
Go away
Be pushed away
Love is a bitch
Life ignores what is real
One word
Combined with two

Can lead from happy
To helpless quickly…

Chris Mcqueeney  4/18/12 11:26 PM


Laurie Kolp said...

Oh, that's so sad. I hope you have a better day today.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry.

i hate when love feels bad.
that's why i try not to do it too often. :)

*squishy hugs*

Other Mary said...

Like artists and alchemists you have transformed pain into beauty.

Brian Miller said...

man..rough day...i am sorry...and our heart def get twisted at times when we have those feelings for another, a lover or friend and to see them go away....

kj said...

Chris, selfishly, I saw the title of this post, goodbye, and I thought, oh dear god don't tell me Chris is closing up shop. So in that sense I'm relieved for myself

I hate loss and I am sorry you are hurting from it. The part about 'be pushed away' makes it all more complicated? Not just someone leaving, but actions and reactions

I can mostly tell to hang in and write about it. And that I want you to be happy and I don't want you to hurt


Wander said...

Kj, I am in no way leaving my blog! not for a long time...this thing has offered me a path to a way of life I was only able to dream of two years ago...I do the same thing when some one goes away...


Brian Miller said...

we got slaughtered in 3 innings...12-0 ...i was pleased that one of their coaches actually came over and acknowledged today that it was just unfair...

She Writes Here Now said...

Ouch. ugh.... I have been here and it is a trip to hell. Hoping to better days ahead for you! Hang in there.

Wander said...

Thanks all...