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Sunday, April 15, 2012

It Takes A Village

Rage to feed

It takes a lot of rage to feed the machine
Can you imagine The Reams
Of souls bound
In the instruction manual
Are staggering, vast
It takes a lot of

The machine
Feed it well they say
For it keeps us safe, whole
To keep feeding
The Machine, it takes a lot of

Chris McQueeney 4/15/12 10:28 P.M.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people that have followed me. This writing thing has been amazing so far. When I started my blog I had no Idea what the term blog even meant.  If you want to, I would ask each and every one of you to give me a favorite Quote that you have read somewhere (from someone else) and tell me who said the quote, and then give me a quote of your own. I would like to start a follower and friend Quote column…Got the idea from my friend Ben Ditty J all quotes will have a credit to the author and the author can ask me to remove them at any time.
   I also would like thank, through direct links, blogs that have very cool people. People that I hope I continue to have in my life in one way or another for many years to come!!!

Christopher from a view from the northern wall my most trusted friend
Ben Ditty from Old spice is nice Ruminations from a rolling gnome
Annie from Quiet commotion  pens some cool shit
KJ from .Options for a better world  I am proud to call her a friend
Shannon from Green Monkey Tales She got some serious chops
BerlinerinPoet from ink runs from the corner of my mouth good poetry
Mary from Writing in the Bachs nice woman, and good poet
Brian from WaystationOne very cool guy, and good heart
Eva from Screaming Whispers Good artist and has good writes too
Indigo from Shattered Prose A very good writer, and cereal com-enter :-)
Jira from Penning The poetic Narrative Good poet, also a nice woman
Nadja from Nadja Notariani: An Authors Adventures She is awesome!
Lisa from my words+images+music this Chick is a good writer, and fricking fun!

If I missed you it was not intentional. If I comment on your page regularly you should be up here, please let me know. I am very tired at the moment, and not tracking well, so your grace and help is greatly appreciated!

Chris McQueeney   4/15/12 11:40 P.M

And also, I have decided based on advice to start interviewing and hosting writers on my blog, I am thinking maybe once a week....I may have already, or may in the near or far future ask you to participate..................


She Writes Here Now said...


I am going to do this! I love your idea. Annie from Quiet Commotion is a beautiful writer, Brian sees through people and writes him so we all can see what he does. I don't know if I recognize the other writers here, but I love our blog community and I'm glad you're in it!

Gonna dig through some of my favorite writer blogs. As for your mention of me, THANK YOU! Warmed my heart, since all I really hope to be is a damn fine writer :). And I mean that!!


Anonymous said...

grrr! i fucking love that poem!
nice! very.
i can totally hear a rockin song behind
those words, which one? i don't know. ;)

the quote thing? love it! i'll have to come
back and leave some for you.


awww. i just barely started following you,
so i'm all giddy & shit that you mentioned
me. thank you guy! :)

Wander said...

Sounds like I struck anerve...

@Amy, thank you, and I am sure you are so much more than a dam fine writer...And you can call me Chris, or wander...

@Lisa, maybe "Cult of personality"
or "I alone" by live...And feel free to call me Chris if you want...

Very big smiles :-) Wander

Brian Miller said...

and amy is a damn fine writer at that...smiles...i know several on your list and the ones i do i would def have on a list as well...smiles...and i will find you that quote as well...write on brother

christopher said...

Chris, I appreciate your presence in my life and I am very pleased you have taken up the tools of the craft. It's already changed your life in a fundamental way. I could say, About time! So could you.

It got me to thinking about the truth of things. Here's a real place I've been in my head, my own truth. Speaking of truth, it's one thing to speak THE TRUTH and another to speak my own truth. One is debatable among us, and the other is not but can change for me over time...

Self Talk

I tied up my hands
my own self, sure if I let
me loose on the world
there would be Hell's Debt
to pay in my flailing thumbs
and bony fingers.
I have to ask me
what I was thinking, asshole,
to be so phony
as all that, acting
the cripple on this crippled
silly damn planet??

Of course I sadly
know some answers and I bet
that you know yours too.
I guess I just started my next blog post.

By the way, old friend, the fuck are you doing up at 1 AM on a work night??

Nadja Notariani said...

I immediately conjured the sounds of Pink Floyd's 'Welcome To The Machine' when reading. Cool and creepy all at once. Nice.

Great links...I look forward to visiting them. Your idea of hosting other writers is generous, and the side bar with favorite quotes is fantastic! Hmmm...I'll have to dig around for my favorites...there are just so many good ones. Ha!

Roggy said...

firstly, that poem - dude, tis simple and in all proportions epic. can definitely relate to that.

secondly, quotes eh? leaving mine here then. favourite quote..."Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow"

It just came to me at the right time. I cant explain it. twas like a visual epiphany. I saw it and BOOM fell right in appreciation with it.

a quote of my own...hmm.. "A rose in its true glory is one that can bear the agony of baring thorns"

Good luck with your endeavours.

BerlinerinPoet said...

The poem is very thought provoking! And thank you for linking me.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it can be tiring to feed that machine though, especially if it's starving.

Helena said...

What a fabulous idea! My favourite quote is from a book by Nathaniel Benchley. In the story it is an escaped mental patient on the run who quotes this to his teenage hostage:

"The capacity of the human mind is limited only by the determination of its owner to improve it"
Leonard Hatch

I've a banner at the foot of my blog saying so!
My own quote is fairly short and not proper grammar but:

" Always do a duplicate!"

Brian Miller said...

always great to see you at OLN brother..

Semaphore said...

Thought-provoking, even for just its structure. As with another of your commenters, this poem also brought to mind the cadences of Pink Floyd's "Welcome To The Machine", both flowing and mechanistic.

kj said...

a quote:

"so it is very deep to be a writer. it is the deepest thing i know. and i think, if not this, nothing--it will be my way in the word for the rest of my life. i have to remember this again and again"
natalie goldberg

a quote by me i have to think about....

that i am your friend is my high honor, chris.


Wine and Words said...

Blogger ate my comment. I can't remember what I said. Sheesh! Something about how precious it is that you spend a some time at my place for my weekly post. That time speaks to what you value and I am honored that you value me, or the writing, or the photo, or whatever :) I am really honored to be mentioned and like that my shit is cool :)

Laurie Kolp said...

Very innovative concept here! Kudos to you!

Susie Clevenger said...

Great poem...I can see us as reams of paper printed and collated and spit out in the manner the machine wishes. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. :)

Jennifaye said...

This Machine. Hmm...intriguing.

Anonymous said...

so many people feed the rage

four eager senryu

Anonymous said...

it's going to be a rock music..;]

we have all been connected to each other, like attached to one vein.

writing is an inevitable talent when you are into it, thus we are connected by one heart.

Great write! keep it up! ;]

Anonymous said...

feeding the machine...can you teach the machine to fish?

wealth of laughter senryu

Elaine Danforth said...

Of course, we are all so bound up with machines, nowadays. The souls bound up in reams is a very interesting image. Not a very good place for a soul to live, but perhaps better than in a machine.

A thought-provoking piece.