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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spare doughnut


The energy to create
Competing with
The energy to maintain
Hence the
Little feet running
Growing brains whirling
Little wheels rolling
The dishes don’t wash themselves
Do they?
That Mickey had it
With a wave of his wand
A dip of his wrist
The brooms swept it up
The drive to create
Far outweighing
The stasis of maintain

Chris McQueeney    4/21/12    8:15 PM

This week has fricking whipped me! I have something like three projects in the works, very cool, but that doesn’t give me an exempt ticket to life. This week my boss, after noticing that my front driver side tire was slowly going flat, and my rear passenger side tire was actually a spare doughnut, bought me two tires. “You have to get those fixed” he said. My response was “I have no money to replace them. I have to make do with what I have for now.” He actually drove to another city to get the tires, after a whole day of work, he did that!
Oh, I forgot to mention that the front deflating tire was on the back where the doughnut was. The tire on the front driver side blew out while in the fast lane on I 205 south bound. I went off the road so far they had to winch me back to the side of the freeway. One undercover police officer stopped to ask me how the hell I got so far off the road. I pointed out the tire, and he told me I was lucky, and I was, and have been.
In one week I had two flats and one blow out, but I was lucky so I have nothing to complain about. I have been gifted with good friends and an extremely good family, both with saint like patience for me, that have helped me walk this life.

Back two those three projects:
Ben, I owe you an email, and we should get that “dump” built…
Me, I need to tell me to write on my project every day…come rain or shine!
Super-man, part of your story has to be finished on the 26th

I will be posting on the 26th a longer story; this one will be  Super-man’s last race (copyright Chris McQueeney 2012)
Thank you Jim for the tires…
And thank you Sommer for your kind words, I needed to hear that…

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Ben Ditty said...

Amazing poem and excited for the email :)

jennifer said...

What a week! Glad you made it through safely, didn't you also get a bit of a shock this week? Nice piece, can't wait to read some 'superman'.

christopher said...

Perfect post my friend

Anonymous said...

very cool poem chris. me likey!

it is wonderful when you have awesome
friends and family!

Claudia said...

wow...what a week...glad that it worked out well in the end... i like your poem.. there always seems to be this battle where the energy to create competes with the energy to maintain...i hate when all my energy flows into maintaining...but often enough..that's how it is..

Shannon said...

Woah brother, so glad you're okay!! Awesome posts, so glad you're able to share your gift like this.

Shannon said...

Woah brother, so glad you're okay!! Awesome posts, so glad you're able to share your gift like this.

Grace said...

Writing and creating words takes a lot of energy and time ~ Also, your posts need not be perfect, just write everyday, at least try to ~

Hope you get everything scheduled ~

Brian Miller said...

sorry you had such a week is like that at times....and sometimes life has to take priority as well...its life you know and without it what would we have to write about....glad you got peeps to watch out for you as well...that def makes life all the easier...

Nadja Notariani said...

Life certainly has a way of 'squeezing' us, doesn't it? I believe it is G-d, offering us the opportunity to prove our claims. Are we 'fair weather thankful' - or will we find something to be thankful about when everything isn't going easy-peasy? Do we trust Him? Will we still keep on when the keeping on is a steep hill rather than a paved garden path?

My dad says these are the things that build character. *smiles* And without the tire'd never have experienced the generosity of your boss - nor would he have had the opportunity to choose to be generous. It's all connected.

Your poem is so true. Mickey had it right...although I admit to favoring Samantha from I would like to wiggle my nose and have my work completed, problem solved.

Here's to a calmer week! :}

Anonymous said...

It is just incredibly hard to keep up with it all. I know that if I don't do the creative stuff, I lose my verve for the necessary stuff, and yet there are only 24 hours in the day.

I love the idea of drained here coupled with kitchen sink! K.

Charles Miller said...

It's becoming apaarent to me that time management is not one my greatest virtues. Your poem is not exactly about that, and I was really uplifted by your story of your boss helping you out like, not many would, I think. Your poem brings to mind all of those projects that I have going, half-finished, half-dead in the water. Thank you forvthe wake-up call!

kj said...

aw chris, i'll have to come back to give justice to your poem and your week but i just saw the photos of your kids at the bottom of your blog and OMG they are so totally beautiful. i am so glad to see them!!!


She Writes Here Now said...

Hey, you and I occasionally write on the same wavelength :). I wrote a post about being drained awhile ago. The minute I saw your poem it brought back that feeling. Breakups, goodbyes and being drained go together, sadly.

As for your boss? WOW!!!!! The universe sends in some hope :)

Wine and Words said...

So....I-205 Oregon-Washinton, or I-205 California? Are we neighbors :) ?

You can't manufacture creativity Christopher. When the muse strikes, light the damn fire and watch it burn. You can sweep the ash any old damn time.

JH POETRY said...

nicely detailed poem,

kj said...

first of all, your boss: ♥

secondly, annie's comment: light the damn fire ♥

and finally, your poem: ♥

drained is the right word. sometimes i just want to write. from morning to night. in rare days when i do, i am so pleased. but the chores of life never cease. i do better at prioritizing them now, thankfully. and some i ignore willfully.

and sometimes, like now, i just grip and hope for the best.

i'm not sure mickey mouse had it so easy either, chris


Elizena said...

Loved your post! For years I spent every day in a daze. I'd get up early in the morning, make everyone breakfast, try to bathe and dress three kids; two girls and one boy. I'd stay up late at night, writing out my schedule for the next day, but it never went the way I'd planned. Trying to cook, keep the kids from throwing food at each other, having to take said kids into the bathroom to clean them up (yet again), then trying to get them to school on time. I'd come home to start cleaning up the mess and by the time I was done it was time to pick the youngest one up, get home and get her lunch, go over her homework, start to clean up and realize it was time to pick the other two up!!!
Yeah, it was pretty much like that every day and at the end of the day, I'd drop like a boulder falling over the edge of a cliff, and looking at my list I always came to the realization that I hadn't accomplished one thing on it. I'd laugh until I started wheezing, make out another honey do list and hope that the next day I'd actually be able to do at least one thing on that list. Truth to tell at the end of each day, what I had gotten in was quality time with the kids, so I guess I actually did accomplish quite a lot.
Very well done. Be blessed.