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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arms open, chin up, smiles for the new year ahead :-)

Wounded Soldier

A soldier
Wounded in a war
No one else can see
Coming to in a phone booth
“Please help me”
“Love you son
But you can’t stay”
“You don’t understand
Never again
I’m done today”
“I love you son,”
Tears rolled down his face
“But you just can’t stay”

A soldier
Wounded in a war
No one else believed to be
“Why did you do that”
Screamed at from above
“Don’t know”
Was all I could say
“That’s not good enough
Fucking baby
You make me sick
Answer me!”

In lives too big
Wounded in Wars
Of fear and misery
So many lives held ungentle
Wounded little soldiers
Living on battlefields
Many choose to not see

Was a soldier
In a war
How could it not affect me

Chris McQueeney    1/2/13    1:30 A.M.

Welcome to twenty thirteen! A new year has arrived, and I welcome it with open arms and some hope that life will be a tad bit gentler to me. 2012 brought the loss of some good friends, and a family member. I almost died from a work related injury, got to get well acquainted with the ER Dr's at the local hospital, and got one fun filled ambulance ride. But most of all it brought me some very special gifts. I got the opportunity to build some friendships with people in the writing world, some casual, and some very close. 

I would like to say a very big ThankYou to some of those that helped me through a very rough year.

My family...
Grandma Marie and Red, Jenny and Jason, Vivian and Ben, Aunt Nancy and Allan, Shannon...I love you guys and am Blessed to have you in my life. 

Shiloh, my best friend, I love you man. Thank you for saving my ass, and for being a good man.
Christopher, my closest and most trusted friend and mentor.

My friends from the blog world...each one of you has a special place in my heart...Ben Ditty from Old Spice Is Nice. Annie from Quiet Commotion, Amy from She writes, Brian from WeighstationOne, Kj from Options For a better life, Lisa from girljustami, Shannon from Green Monkey Tales, Heather from Ink Runs From The Corners of My Mouth, Nadja from NADJA NOTARINI: an author's adventures, and Mary from Writing in the Bachs.
And My writing Friends that are on facebook...Amber Norrgard, Charity Parkerson, Dionne Lister, Melissa Craig, Justin Bogdanovitch, Cinta Garcia, Grace BecomesBeauty, Maggy May, Sage Ravenwood, Solange Nicole, Susie Clevenger.

And to My Brother Wally Sanchez and his family...miss you man!

Greatest of all, my children: Chase, my Sun (Gipper), and Karley, my moon(Kar-Kar).
With gifts like those I am blessed.


Mary said...

Very powerful content in this poem. Wounded soldiers bear their wounds for a long time, if not forever after.

Enjoyed the recap of your year, and your thankfulness for people in your life. That is what it is all about, isn't it? Happy New Year.

Sabio Lantz said...

Intense -- with all the happy new years
Some of us can barely feel the joy with all the other shit crowding our memories and fears that the next year will bring the same.
We should not forget their pain nor ours.
May there be at least a little joy -- just a little.

Brian Miller said...

happy new year man....i am glad to have found you in the travels...wish you the best in the new year as well....

the verse is so evocative...those that give all are sadly all too often ignored when they come home and their pain not dealt with....

kj said...

In lives too big
Wounded in Wars

chris, how utterly alone a person can be even if love is affirmed. you've nailed this so effectively. i keep thinking of that ubuntu quote: i am because we are. it takes so little to understand another's pain, because we all understand pain, and yet we somehow miss the point. this poem of yours doesn't allow that to happen. this is another poem i think you should submit for publication. i think it's a gem

i am glad we met in 2012 and i surely look forward to our writing gallivants in 2013. i hope things have begun to settle for you. i know it's been scary. i can't say my own year has been a bright light, and i can't bring myself to muster hope that may or may not pan out. but i do plan to show up, be willing to feel, act kindly, and of course, my favorite, seek passion

happy new year chris xoxo

Fred Rutherford said...

strong topic, powerfully illustrated. Excellent job here. Thanks

Susan A. said...

As an Army veteran this poem really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing it. May this year be a good one for you!

Wine and Words said...

So many lives held ungentle...

I too hope that 2013 is a gentler year. I speak not only of the outside influence in, but of self compassion, patience, allowances. We are but human after all, and everyone we meet has the same fate of death ahead of them. No one is special in this regard.

Glad we bumped into each other here in cyberspace Handsome. I wish so many good things for you, and I hope to be around blogger more this year. I've perfected hibernation and now it's time to move on :)

Other Mary said...

This is powerful Chris. You push all my buttons here. One of my son's friends came back from Afghanistan without a scratch, but he is scarred, critically wounded. I understand the leading cause of death for soldiers is no longer combat but suicide. Thanks Chris.

Brian Miller said...

dude...sorry to hear you are sick as well...finally today i could keep down 48 hours is what it took me...hope its quick for you...

Nadja Notariani said...

Happy New Year to you...many happy days, peaceful evenings...all overflowing with friends and family. ~ Nadja

jaerose said...

We are indeed all children of some kind of war..such courageous words..and haunting photo..I came across your site via Ben's..I hope this is a better year..for you and many who find something in this blogosphere..jae

Ben Ditty said...

You touched on something really deep. If only soldiers could leave their wars behind...

Green Monkey said...

Wishing you the happiest of NEW years Chris!

Cinta García de la Rosa said...

Very powerful poem, Chris. You really surprised me with the mention. Thank you, and glad to be considered a friend :)

Kim Stapf said...

Deep..better year ahead Chris.