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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just a Tuesday

Have I

Oh what a poor
And shallow
Would I have
For an instant
The tiniest of moments
Were I to forget
How awfully lovely
The smiles only
My Children
Can make
Oh what a poor
And shallow
Have I
Have I

Chris McQueeney    1/15/13    1:35 P.M.


Anonymous said...

It's what you don't say here that intruiges me. Great write x

Other Mary said...

This one outta be set to music.

Brian Miller said...

there is something of the smiles of our children...even in the darkest hour they can bring us back....i know that surely...smiles.

Heaven said...

I like the smiles of children, they make me joy and depth ~ Good one Chris ~

Beachanny said...

Terse, beautiful, evocative. A true poem that elicits much in a few words.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

So beautiful and it touches the reader so deeply.

She Writes said...

Yup, the smiles of a child we love are pretty amazing!

Ben Ditty said...

Your soul is fuller and less shallow than you could ever imagine.