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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Nothing matters

Rain like words
Drip drop…pitter patter…plunk
Everything’s fine, and Nothing matters
Nothing is not fine
She met Everything, and
Everything matters to Nothing…
What a convoluted mess

Chris McQueeney    1/17/13    12:23 P.M.

I watched the entire season 2 of the Showtime cable series Shameless yesterday. What a fucking brilliant show! I am not going to go into detail about the show except for a bit from episode 10. Thanksgiving has come to the Gallagher household, and the entire family (minus the character Lip) is sitting around the table. Shortly after dinner is served Monica  the absentee mother that has showed back up, leaves the table and proceeds to slit her wrists in the kitchen…everyone sees, even the young children.

Flash through all that ensues to the end of that episode. The oldest daughter is going to bed, and the youngest daughter goes to her room to seek comfort. The young girl breaks down and starts bawling. I can’t say that I have ever seen an actor portray the level of despair that I saw from that young girl. Just thinking about it is enough to draw tears.
At times watching Shameless I see some serious parallels to my life. That is what hits the hardest about the show, if you have never lived the type of life that they portray you would think it was just not possible, when those parts that I have personally lived hit it’s kinda like a sledgehammer to the gut.


Brian Miller said...

Nothing is not fine
She met Everything, and
Everything matters to Nothing…

cool bit that...can feel your words man...never seen that show either...sounds interesting...

She Writes said...

I don't want to read between these lines...Well written. I am not sure I can watch anything sledgehammer to the gut either!

Other Mary said...

Hey Chris...the everything and nothing shit-swirl is a very good description of the way those feelings go...
A haven't seen the show you're talking about, sorry that you've sort of lived it. Take care my friend.