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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lack there of

Stress, It can generate a lot of actions, some good, some bad. There are those who thrive on it, and those whom are crushed. Many get sick, driven down by the overwhelming pressure to accomplish all the things expected of them, some by others, but mostly by them- selves. Then there are those that have the talent to generate a fulfilling life from stressful situation. Now having not researched this on a large scale I am no expert, I just go by the people in my life and there experience that I hear about and see. I don’t want my life to lie in either category. I want the middle road, the life with fulfilling and not overwhelming.

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christopher said...

Here's one I wrote on another website just a few minutes ago. That makes three poems written on my surprise day off, dealing with the stress of corporate bullshit in my own way, burning off the energy...back to work tomorrow, just to show you that patience is a good thing.

The Village Guard

Love me now in spite,
you pushing past the native
walls of woven thorn
I use to keep out
the big cats, the hyenas,
while I walk my post
in full paint, with stone
tools I chipped myself, long time
past this swollen day.