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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shit happens they say

Where were you? That was the gist of the conversation I had with a co-worker this afternoon. Standing on a deck in the west hills of Portland Oregon, both of us looking at Mt. Saint Helens, Andrew asked where I was when the mountain blew. This got me thinking about the major things that happen in people’s lifetimes and what they did on those days, or weeks after.
Where was I on one of those life changing days? I was in bed when the phone raing; I almost wish that I hadn’t answered it, my life has not been the same since.

Shit happens they say 

Free will
Mine or theirs
Makes no matter at all
The result is the same
Shit happens they say
Fuck that
We happen, that’s what
We happen, every day
We sit thinking
How can I change this
How can we tweak that
How to navigate the floaters
Left when shit happens
That is the goal, or reward
Shit happens they say
Fuck that I say
Again I say
Fuck That

Chris McQueeney 7/2/11

I linked this to dVerse poets where Brian asked us to contemplate choices 


jennifer said...

Some 'shit' in life is unpredictable ie the phone call, for everything else in life we are all active participants whom at some point in time make a conscious decision to live life on Life's terms or not. 'shit happens' is a statement made to avoid the emotion behind the event so 'shit happens'? To that I too say fuck that! Well said brother.

christopher said...


Brian Miller said...

how can we navigate the floaters left when shit happens...ha...true that borther...sometimes we have no choice other than how to deal with it when it does you kknow...def a strong piece and not just b/c of the language...