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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Rain King

The Sun God could visit
It would be a nice thing
We could sit on the patio  
Talk of this, that, and other things
Reliving days gone bye
Also days yet to be

Alas, the Cloud God is camping
Hanging with his cousin Rain King
The ground is wet
The sky is grey
Brining back to me

If the sun god could visit
It would be a nice thing
Maybe then I wouldn’t have to worry
About the f’ing Rain King

It is funny how much of my life has been consumed by rain. Growing up every time my sister and I returned to oregon it would start to rain, as if to say hi, how the hell are you. The smell of rain still gives me joy; this may sound strange to some but for me it feels natural. Apon leaving the rain king would harrold our departure. He would welcome us home with tears of joy, and see us off with his grief. Now when it rains his conflicting faces tug at my heart strings.


RachelW said...

That pretty much describes our summer this year.

Snowflakes said...

let it be,
feel free.

lovely wonders,
Happy New Year.

Taylor Boomer said...

love the title,

charming imagery, well done.

Indigo said...

Sad to say that is an apt description of NY's winter this year. I'm missing the snow like you wouldn't believe, so isn't the pup.

I'm enjoying the journey through your words. Life is depicted here, the sorrow and joy of a life lived fully. - Indy