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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I don't know

How to talk to you
I don't Know
Tongue twists
Out pours emotional vomit
In place of the gentle discourse
You can do this to me
Only you
This is probably why
I still try

I hope life finds you well. I had a difficult day. I don't understand how conflicting emotions can occupy the same space. My life should be ripping a hole in the time space continuum, bang, existence should sputter, falter, than blink out! Maybe it has, existence just hasn't figured it out yet.

4 comments: said...

Life is tenuous, fragile.. a fluke
a delicate balance of opposing forces, improbably holding consciousness in its fulcrum...

And the rugged, determination of its own existence will not let go, will NEVER let it go, and will hold to itself and beat its heart and insist on itself, until all else about it, all that defines it, is turned to dust, and there is nothing left to hold it.

Wine and Words said...

"I don't Know" has to be the end of the conversation sometimes, emotional vomit not withstanding. I friggin. Don't. Know. But I am knowing...TRYING...yes, exactly. Still trying. Some credit for that is long overdue. I know better how to talk to you, if you'll just close your delicate lips, and listen.

Anonymous said...

If you'll just close your delicate lips, and listen...
I like that, so true, but, alas, this is not to be.


Indigo said...

I feel these words. So often I'm lost on what to say, toward kindness, even pain. Pain I know how to hold down deep.

One of the reasons I started trying to respond to comments left on my blog, was to break down that barrier, to learn to communicate. When it comes to love, I'm still lost when it comes to words. (Hugs)Indigo