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Monday, August 15, 2011

What's up?

I haven't posted on here for a while, life gets in the way sometimes. I decided to save some poems to see if I could get published. Some publishers need the work submitted to be virgin, and my blog is considered "published"
so I will be writing more often. Thank you fam and friends for your support and love, without witch i would not have survived life to this point.
with love,
I hold you in my heart


jennifer said...

We love you too brother, your always there for us so what comes around goes around ( karma isn't always a bad thing:) )

christopher said...

I walk with you. said...

What is the progress on the poems submittal, Chris?

Wine and Words said...

I so have no interest in "published" but applaud those that have the fortitude to pursue such a thing. I am a woman of little patience (yes, you are lucky not to be linked to such a one). Eh...I write, I post, I photograph...and care little for the result, just revel in the process. I critique my own work until it dies in the fire of my peculiarity. Ha! Such a mess. Such a beautiful mess.

Came over from Christophers to see who else wanders, but is not lost.