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Friday, August 5, 2011


What is your earliest memory? I think mine is Of Christmas. I couldn’t have been older than three. The snow had started falling and the street light became something magical. Under the tree an Incredible Hulk piggy bank sat like an ugly green lump. I had no Idea what a piggy bank was for. In the back of the Hulk’s head was a slot for coins, I’ll get back to that shortly. I remember feeling warm and safe. I didn’t have the Hulk for long. Having no idea what a piggy bank was for, and not being interested in the hulk at all, my interest was consumed by the slot. I spent hours and hours trying to figure out what it was for. Eventually I stuck a butter knife in the opening to make it larger, I wanted to see what was inside. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that’s what, so disappointing.  Having that mystery solved I proceeded to stuff anything I could into the back of Hulks head. David Banner said “Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.” Within each of us, ofttimes, there dwells a mighty and raging fury, was a title card from the Hulk T.V. show circa 1977. What they should have said is, If you shove a butter knife in my coin slot you will see that I am empty, and you can fit a lot of crap in there.
Quotes and saying from, thanks.

Edgewise 8/5/11

Ramblings of a desperate mind
Over and over the thoughts
Rolling down lanes well-trodden
Stopping not at all
The wheels on this cart don’t fall off
The horse following behind
Can’t get in a word edgewise


christopher said...

Genuine creativity here. I love the use of the cart before the horse. This breathes new life in things and that's what poetry is for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it fits(sometimes)