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Monday, August 22, 2011

Steak and flag

My steak and my flag 8/21/11 9:29 pm

He was so good at science
So good at science they named an elephant after him
One slip of the tong and I pounce
No attack, no ridicule
Ideas swirling and spinning
That is all it takes, one slip
Jumping in with my tong I say
This is mine, I lay claim!
With my steak and my flag
Spiked into your words
As if I have any rites to the syllables
Graciously you say “Ok, sure”
And laugh
Possibly at the arrogance of the un-tried
Or the exuberance
Or maybe, just maybe
The just plain crazy

Christopher I have to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you! You have opened a whole new world for me to revel in. Not just this pros/poetry world, also the world where it is ok for me to open myself up and be vulnerable with another man, hell another human being. Having laid my claim to your mistaken utterance with the intent on coming up with some witty maybe funny poem, the writing decided to take me to my own foibles instead. So now, I give back to you that which was not mine to lay claim to in the first place. My request would be that you write an intro about the man that generated the content for this slip. Of His contributions I would like to hear.” The man who was so good at science they named an elephant after him”


jennifer said...

Hahaha, I LIKE it! Lol.

Wine and Words said...

Vulnerability is the most beautiful skin tone. It is so transluscent that light seems to eminate from it. We lean in closer and watch the beating heart, the stirring groin. No attack. No ridicule. Curiosity. Empathy. We say "ahhhh..i am not alone".

christopher said...
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christopher said...

The first stewing should be steaming :D
thanks for helping get this one out.

The Artful Dodger

Rebellion tongs dog
my every step,
snapping my ankles as if
my very dry bones
are too offensive
to leave me alone steaming
in my own robust
caldron, stewing poop
left by that damn elephant
they gave me, the prize
for being so good
at the science of dodging.

christopher said...

I recommend going to my post tonight where I complete this poem with the right intro.