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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Viewed through the eyes

As tall as the sky
Standing on the end
A little boy yells
Let me jump

Viewed through the eyes of a child
So simple
Let me jump
So simple, let me jump!

He jumps
This moment frozen
Locked in memory
This moment

Years have gone
The way they do for everyone
Still that memory
Viewed through my eyes

Dad, let me jump
I shouted
Standing on his hand
Let me jump!

My sister asked me to write a poem using the title from a poem of my father’s. I don’t know that I can, at least not now. I tried and it wouldn’t flow. About ten lines were written, than discarded. Some things, at some times, are just too big. This one gives me a feeling that the time for its expression is not now, maybe not even for me. Who knows? What does Who know? I don’t know, that was why I was asking you
8/29/11 11:42 PM


jennifer said...

I love it . Let me jump is great. I thought of bbf for you because it was silly quirky fun, which some of your writing ( for example the one about the hot dog and mayo) reminds me of that, I guess what I'm saying is, your writing is similar to dads and yes my dear brother, you are in fact a poet and you didn't even know it;). So no bbf today and that's ok, let me jump made me cry, I remember that EXACT feeling the looks on our faces and his, the you bud.

Wine and Words said...

I can no more force a poem than a song. We birth them when they're ready. They don't even come from us. They come from WHO, and WHO the hell knows when the next one needs a voice? In due time.

christopher said...

As Jenn says...yes you are. :)

Indigo said...

Sometimes words need to sit, marinate for awhile. Sometimes they're not meant for anyone's eyes but our own.
We lose the rhythm our voices when we push at words too hard.

Maybe someday you'll find yourself wanting to try again. Only you know the answer to this one. (Hugs)Indigo