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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iron belly

Iron belly

Dust devils spin
Stirring the imagination
If I was that small
If it was that high
Would I fly?
Around and around
The world fading from view
Wind swept debris
Filling my sight
At this point
In my musings
My stomach flips
Even in dreams
I get motion-sick!

Chris McQueeney, 10/11/11 3:45PM


jennifer said...

Hahaha really? That's interesting. I cry in my sleep if I'm having a really upsetting dream, so I guess that makes sense that a dream about things spinning Around you could make you motion sick. Very interesting and good piece brother :)

Wine and Words said...

Damn dust devils. Their everywhere! You think they'd stay under the fridge, not under the pillow!

Indigo said...

For some reason the beginning of this reminded me of the song by Kansas 'Dust in the Wind'. It's one of my favorites. ~ Indy