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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The road lied

The road lied

That old blue truck
Smelling of dad
Grease and petrol, not overwhelming
Just the way things should be
The Blue Mountains spread out before and behind
The pass inclined severely ahead
As far as the eyes could see
Yellow and red lights glared their displeasure at the moon
Safe as the smell, safe as the feel of dad’s presence, not vulnerable, secure
The safety of the road a figment, not real
The road lied, the truckers didn’t
Black ice as far as the eyes could see
Red and yellow warning the unwary

Chris McQueeney 10/27/11 8:07AM

Thank you all for the comments. I need to find a Better way to reply, if I do it from my phone it goes as an email, from my computer I have to jump through hoops like this wasn't my own blog. Oh well, such is life. That pass, and that truck have special meaning to me. looking back I can see how scary it should have been, but at the time all I felt was safe, and sad. Sad because yet again I was having to leave my true home, and the security of my father. That eight hour drive would be the last I would see of him for about four months.


oldegg said...

This piece is so full of wonderful images and also the fear that despite the security a catastrophe is just around the corner. I loved it.

Berowne said...

If you've ever skidded on black ice you never forget it. Nice piece of writing, by the way.

Sheilagh Lee said...

black ice is really deceptive. so descriptive you can picture everything.

Punk Chopsticks said...

This is good. this is really really good!!! The words seem to melt into each other, I don't know how you do it but this is so, so good xDD

Wine and Words said...

I have a picture of that truck. Found it in a backyard gone scrap. Beautiful old rusty blue thing. Such a fine poem would adorn it well.

She Writes said...

I was having to leave my true home, and the security of my father.

I had trips like this in my childhood. I once went from Texas to Ca from mom to dad with two hippie guys my mom met who were on their way to Oakland. She put me and my brother in their car and away we went. Only when I was grown did I know how CRAZY and dangerous that was for little tiny kids. I missed my mom the whole way and it just kept happening most of my life. Who knows what drive can mean when one is first on a ride?