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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two countries east

And a Halliburton dream

The lies they told
The lives they sold
For a baseball team
And a Halliburton dream
They took the least of
Two countries east
And gave them a ream

Chris McQueeney    3/25/12    3:58 P.M.

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Brian Miller said...

true that man....ugh...

how are you?

baseball just finished up...and we made son got MVP for the team...we never won a game but had fun in the end...

Wander said...

I am doing good Brian, been very busy...
very cool about your son! next year I will see what my son will be into.


Ben Ditty said...


Susie Clevenger said...

Such truth in this...I live here in oil country so I am familiar with its misadventures.

Anonymous said...

smart poem.
love the dr. seuss quote -wise.

kj said...

the message is bleak, and the rhythm is neat.

you're doing good, chris :^)


Wine and Words said...

Hi there.
Just me.
Finding you today.