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Friday, June 22, 2012

Ghost Pains

Goodbye to you my dear
You have been gone
For most of a year
Ghost pains
From a limb taken away
Remind me how I could say
For you
I would burn the motherfucker
It's true
But that would be
Just for the ghost
Of you and me
On Monday I'm on my way
To sign the papers
That say
The ghosts of me and you
Have gone, their separate,

Chris McQueeney    6/22/12    9:31 P.M.


Ben Ditty said...

So true to what I'm feeling now. Great write.

Brian Miller said...

sad man....nice allusion to the ghost pain of a limb lost as well...its hard to let go but over time the pains do numb...and nice bring back to reality with the papers being signed on monday...

how r u? how about ur little ones?

Jinksy said...

Guess Tuesday will be a new beginning then? *smiles*

christopher said...

You know how I feel...
Bless you, and bless Kendra. I love you both.

Good command of words. What follows is not really about you and Kendra but I think you will admit it is close by.

Digging Holes

How to hold myself
still - what else can I do now?
I have a brother
who heats up his life.
When loss gets too big he digs
deep holes over all
the garden as if
he can drain the pain, the truth.
All his energy
flashes off into
the space lanes, red messages
bound for anywhere
or he instead turns,
takes small and careful sad steps,
files his gray papers.

She Writes Here Now said...

What's wrong with me? I am in tears. Tears making it hard to see.

This is a powerful write, Chris. Poignant. An arrow. What can I say? It has to get better. If it didn't people wouldn't survive being haunted. And we all do.