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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My first

Sharpness of it all

I find my world is
A little thin
Not so tough
As it use ta be
Those crisp clean lines
Blurred by use
And time
And finding my world
A bit thin
Feeling the blunted edges
I find pleasure
Not in the sharpness of it all
But rather in the
Softer landing

Chris McQueeney    6/19/12    11:59 P.M.

Below is the piece of mine that was published this week. This is an example of flash fiction, and the Idea of flash fiction is to tell a story in using very few words...this one is only 55 words, not counting the title. below the piece you will find the link to the original post this was pulled from. also all the credits for the image. 

This asshole in Jackson

I’m so fucking tired!
This asshole in Jackson stole my horse; bute named Burt, not the horse, the asshole! Got the drop on me, on account of me being in the jug. Won’t happen again! For one thing, I got my piece skinned, back to the wall. For another, I aint got no fucking horse!

Chris McQueeney    1/6/12

Chris McQueeney 6/20/12

I posted the poem at top on dVerse Poets for open link night


Jinksy said...

I think age and wisdom are very good at blunting edges, thank goodness! ♥

Brian Miller said...

nice on the being published, did you get a copy of the book?

i like that you can appreciate the softer landing and not having the firm edges ...makes me think a bit of sea glass...

Ben Ditty said...

Love the "little thin" theme! Also, congratulations. You're a great man and father who deserves everything :)

kj said...

i love soft landings and in my work i teach them!

reminds me of: "never cut what can be untied"

for the 100th time, chris, i tell you the simplicity of your poetry packs a lot of punch

i hope all is well


Victoria said...

There is so much truth in that poem. What used to seem so well-defined to me is now so blurry. Nicely expressed.

Charles Miller said...

Tired and out of luck, pulls you in to emotional reactions and resources you might not otherwise become acquainted with.

Anonymous said...

i love that published piece.
congrats guy! i'm tickled pink!

and the first one? profound. nice!

Green Monkey said...

oh forgive me but this post hit me in a weird (good) way...

my son's grandfather, my grandson's great grandfather, my x's father, bled to death after his best friend "accidentally" shot him. They were both drunk. My x was/is supposedly related to Jesse James.... so... I got stuck on that story when I read this (picture punctuated it)
Powerful words, carefully chosen (I now expect that from you)