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Monday, June 25, 2012

just another Day he says

We have to destroy

Blowing the lid off
The hole
In your soul
We have to destroy
Your cover
To make you whole
Cringing and crying
And flinching
Bemoaning it all
Blown is the lid
Off the
Hole in my soul
We had to destroy
My cover
To make me whole

Chris McQueeney    6/23/12   10:56 P.M.

Images courtesy of bing images 


Ben Ditty said...

That second was one was sexy ;)

christopher said...'s what came of me experiencing your post. Just a little story. :D

Meeting The Buddha

Just another day -
I think I am all of that
and so much beyond
the rest and you now
insist on saying something
about staying true -
if I only knew
how to fucking turn on you.
Just another day.

Wander said...

Haha Chris
I was just trying to figure out a name for the post and I thought that one fit...and is true :-)

oh but what a just another day it has been and I hope will continue to be


dusty hamilton said...

this reminds me of one i had fun with,

it's nice to view some of ytour work, Mr contemporary Poet