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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost he was so good at science they named an elephant after him

Some times it is funny how my brain works. That shouldn't surprise some of you, this brain of mine has taken me to some strange places(some of them real). I was on a friends blog and he had a picture of elephants. This amused me because of a slip of the tong he had while describing a acquaintance from years ago " he was so good at science that they named an elephant after him" said my friend. After discussing this gaff we agreed that I had the privilege of writing a poem about it. After seeing the picture on his blog I thought that was what I would do, then I read his blog. This was my response to his post,

Day by day, 6/15/11

He went by day after day
Living life and loving that way
He went by day after day
Until the day
He didn’t go by
No living No life No loving that way
Where is he now
Why didn’t he stay instead of go
You ask this
At least you think you do
It was not he who left
Instead it was you
He still goes by day after day
Wishing you could have stayed

I still hold the privilege of writing that poem about the man who on a lighter day had his science celebrated that way. This I will do on a different day.


Shannon said...

This reminds me of a shell silverstein poem. Fun and well-said.

jennifer said...

Dad would be very proud of the man,father,son,student,brother,you have become. Beautiful Bud! Love you.xo