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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was thinking tonight. I know, that could be dangerous, but I digress. The thought occurred to me that I am young, young to this writing thing, new and untested. I have yet to find my corner, my slot, my cubby. What pictures will I hang on the walls? Will I put the lamp on the desk, or on the filing cabinet? Speaking of the file cabinet will I fill it with work that I am proud of or will it be where I through the dung from the squirrely recesses of my mind?
This line of thinking is kind of daunting; the carpet of my life is frayed and tattered. I walk hard, and for a long time my walking was only in circles. One thing I am coming to understand is that the decorations are just that, decorations, the writing will be me. Mine. People may share the joys and pain I feel while writing, but they are reading, they are not in my head while I am speaking with my fingers.
Reading is a huge part of my life. Books have filled the shelves of my life; in my file cabinet other author’s works are stored. I have always felt close to the authors that I read, as if I was seeing into their soul’s window. Words streaming across the page, guiding me, challenging me, taking me to worlds that never were, or never will be again. But I will never know what was going on in the head guiding the fingers making the words that made my world worth living. I am grateful for what has been shared, that small part of the bare soul.  
With the keys of this board I have been given the keys to the kingdom. I get to decide what door the keys open, and while daunting, it feels…it feels. 
Chris McQueeney       6/1/2011


Anonymous said...

Keep this up, Chris. I look forward to each new "scribblings" from your head and heart.

jennifer said...

I love to see your titles! Before I read each of your pieces I think to myself, what wil this installment intail? For example when I saw your title'keyes' my first thought was, is this going to be a whitty quip about lost keyes, because I know I've lost a set or two , especially with children in the house, or is this going to be some deep soul searching about the keys to the kingdom? Both of which are great writing styles you posses. The ability to be lighthearted, as well as the ability to make one ponder another's view or position on a specific topic. For you my dear brother, the posibilities are endless. I look forward to the next instalment of the wanderer's beautiful mind! As always thanks for sharing!

christopher said...

Your writing and Jennifer's comment on it has really touched my heart.

Indigo said...

"With the keys of this board I have been given the keys to the kingdom. I get to decide what door the keys open, and while daunting, it feels…it feels."

Perfect...this is a freedom of heart, words, thoughts, fingers. ~ Indy