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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mine is the...

I jacked this picture from a friend of mine, a man with a view.

This is me
Mine is the picture
The vivid
Sometimes overwhelming colors
Weaving line by line
Traipsing through flower strewn valleys
This is me
Mine is the sword
Aching to swing
Weaving its deadly arc
Slashing through foe and fiend
This is me
Mine is the boy
In an attic
Surrounded by the clutter
Unwanted discards left here and there
This is me

Chris McQueeney 2011

Here is a late link to jingle poetry at the goose berry gardens


booguloo said...

I liked this. Something about it saddened me but still it's a good write.

~L said...

My heart melted and I just wanted to go in that attic and play with that little boy... Your poem was full of passion... very good work:)


Taylor Boomer said...

sharp, I know how it feels when trapped and felt helpless, but depending on one's imaginations or faith to survive.

Heaven said...

I like the personal share ~ That image of the boy in the attic is sharp ~

Anna Montgomery said...

I really enjoyed this, nice to meet you at dVerse.

Claudia said...

so many facettes.. the boy alone in the attic moved me deeply...a wonderful pic to go with it as well..

Fred Rutherford said...

awesome piece Wander. This is me, what a powerful statement in and of itself. I love the metaphor of the sword aching to swing its deadly arc, very strong. Then there is the line sometimes overwhelming colors, I totally get that, feel it all the time. Strong piece, greatly enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing with us tonight

Brian Miller said...

wow the picture of the boy alone in the attic can go a couple ways, fun to have that place to escape, but also it can feel so alone as well....good to see you wander...

Sabio Lantz said...

swing that sword, boy !

kkkkaty said...

....a safe place to be yet there's much to be gained by imagining, believing, and making a difference but doing...touching poem..

PattiKen said...

This is really good. This part? Wonderful.

Mine is the sword
Aching to swing
Weaving its deadly arc
Slashing through foe and fiend