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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zombie Poems

Ben Ditty said...
Ben Ditty said...
Noo bring it back from the dead! I want zombie poems to eat my brain!

It will feast

Zombie poems that eat your brain
Rising from poetries death
Hand dug from their own grave
Oh the humanity
      He said
The poetry is dead
      He said
Oh how I wish
He’d kept his
From wishes to words
     They came
The poetry is still
Dead…a human stain
But dead though this poetry be
It shambles inside your mind
And on your brains
It will feast

Chris McQueeney     9/2/12    3:02 P.M.


Ben Ditty said...

My brain has been eaten and it feels so right! ;-)

Brian Miller said... lives....well kinda...smiles.

Wine and Words said...

How many times I wish I had not opened my mouth. And only hope is that every misstep has a reason beyond my awareness. Say it is so oh Ancient Gnome!

christopher said...

You're killing off poetry too soon!

She Writes said...

I saw humor and irony out of the lines but in. Noooooooo to the final lines! ;)

Anonymous said...

Seems your at where I was about a year ago, when I wrote drowning poet. Enjoy your creativity, and your clever mind, the rest will do the same in time. Good piece love the clever concept behind it. Zombies, have yet to touch on that in my twisted rhymes. Might have to do that soon.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...


Nataeven FairyAn Fallin said...

love the way your words are shaped and your sentiments are carried out.