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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When stone weeps

Is my pride

Played for the fool
One more time
Left feeling broken
Scraped raw and bleeding

Left with thoughts
Of a different time
Different frame of mind
Thoughts of love

Played for the fool
Yet another time
Played for the fool
By my own mind

Scraped raw and bleeding
Is my pride
Breaking my heart one more time
Grieving what I had

Chris McQueeney    7/28/12    1:47 P.M.


Ben Ditty said...

This was powerful and honest, Chris. You're a great poet!

christopher said...

Wounded Pride

If I knew I could
I would change, I would for sure
make it all turn round.
Come round right, I moan
as if the crow might listen
or my cat. The mole
undermines things now
and I feel a sag's begun.
That wall crack's wider.

Brian Miller said...

ugh, being played for a fool is no fun man and we wear it like a cloak...that grief...

just a girl said...

tis sad, broken people.

love these words.

Nadja Notariani said...

OMGoodness. The irony...

Good conveyance of emotion.

Jira said...

Do you think once a feeling from within disappears its truly gone? I have been in love, I'm sure of it, but once that person is gone... so is the feeling. Not sure if that's sad or a defence mechanism.

She Writes said...

This works well. The stone and the image of scraping-- being played for a fool--raw and hardened. Nicely played irony--cruelly played life.

She Writes said...

I disagree with the last commenter. I love who I love (exception being when the love is eaten away at while the person is present as with my x) and always will, whether the person stays or goes. The end of the relationship doesn't undo the duration of it. I love my first love to this day and he's been gone from my life a long time. I appreciate what he brought and hold a place for him though I don't miss him--I do love him. And so it goes. Help! Waxing philosophical. I've written on this and so it strikes a chord :).