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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Open link night :Their life's blood

Their life’s blood

Please excuse the expletive
At times all there is
Is to curse
The fate left to those
In more glamourized times
Were called G>I>> Joes
What they do
For us
Me...and you
Is oft forgotten
By both Red, and Blue
We sit with our
Our summer time
While some use 911
To justify
Those Joes sitting
Or standing
Or die  ing with only an M.R.E.
To live for
With only memories of
Mother and father
Son or daughter
The girl at the corner store waiting
To hear if their
Brother son daughter lover friend
Is dead in the sand of some fucking
Foreign land…and why I ask you
Why are we there
Spilling our life’s blood
In another fucking foreign war

Chris McQueeney    9/4/12    11:27 A.M.

This poem is being linked to d’Versepoetry pub…today is Open link night and all are welcome to try their hand at cooking up some poetry.

This poem was penned in response to a poem over at Brian has a verse that set me off


Wine and Words said...

Well I'm not going to try and answer that question because I don't know enough. But I sure appreciate a good rant, which this was. You and Marion are on a roll today. I feel mute!

Claudia said...

oh dang...the girl at the corner waiting...and hoping...can feel this...why...yes..why...

Brian Miller said...

nice response hit me the other day in history class when we were you realize the US since its birth has not been at war only about 20 or 30 years....pretty crazy when you look at it that way....

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Some strong emotions here for what will always be a question that can produce more heat then light

kj said...

water balloons! that's what i say: water balloons for weapons. it would change everything.

good question(s) chris. there is no answer. none. zilch. not even.


hedgewitch said...

It's a sad state of affairs, but as long as there's the kind of money to be made in war that drives an entire mega-industry, it ain't going away.

Laurie Kolp said...

F-ing powerful!

Wander said...

Hi Annie:-) Brian lit me up!

Wander said...

We aren't the only ones.....

Wander said...

Kj you are a good woman!

Wander said...

Laurie...feel liberated... just say fuck ;-)

kj said...

laurie, i think you should say fuck too :^)


just a girl said...

what a compelling image.
and profound words to match. have to just say fuck.


christopher said...

Well. Look at all those comments. Nothing left for me to say. About yours. Here's mine.


Another goddam
day in the hole I shoveled
for my own, for my
sandy protection.
I listen to the plink plink
of red hot metal
and think of well placed
grenades lobbed in overhand
style, shining in sun
bright noontide before
the flash bang of torn up flesh
whether his or mine.

sonny said...

i get flak everytime i answer that question in all honesty...cuz frankly...not many americans like the answer....or the truth....

the rest....?...hell cheer up man....:))

beautifully expressed...!

Anonymous said...

There are many answers to the question - but the truth is never going to be revealed except by accident. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but the powers that be have too much staked in the way things are to change them.

Here in the UK we are seeing our public services eroded to finance government debt, much of which has accumulated in the pursuance of war. And our latest wars have only served to make the world a more dangerous place. Sometimes I just despair.

ayala said...

A powerful write!

She Writes said...

I have more questions than answers... No. I have no answers, just questions... and a few FUCK!s myself.