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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Any fricking town U.S.A.

Abandoned gas station (s)

Petrol…the way
Of the future
Oh oh oh
The auto Can
Go go go
On that high
Octane petrol

Did you know
They have to dig
Those stupid tanks
Out of the ground
Then remove the
Dirt from around
Them to keep
Us sound

Petrol…the way
Of the future
Oh oh oh
Humans will
Go go go
The way of the
Dodo needing
Mo mo mo
To live off
High octane petrol

Chris McQueeney 7/23/12 10:00 P.M.


She Writes Here Now said...

No no no, I didn't know :).

christopher said...

Gimmee the gas, the gas
and let me bloat and pour
on down your blistered throat,
the living goat like boat
scooting out away from
the twisted old moat.
Feeling my oat
(there's only one)
and wearing his coat
but I'm flat on my ass!

Anonymous said...

the fumes from your words are making me dizzy. :)

i really like the whole look of this posting chris.

Brian Miller said...

the way of the dodo...yes we will kill ourselves and ruin our planet just to go go go....

Nadja Notariani said...

Ha! Love the sing-song take on a truly disturbing truth. *hangs head in shame and drives to the filling station in thirsty, thirsty SUV*

Ben Ditty said...

I loved the unique meter and the design with pictures along the side. But I don't think you were fair to the dodo. It wasn't wanting more that killed them. It was humans viciously destroying their habitat.

Natasha Head said...

Ha...feeling this one. Personal truth...digging those old tanks out of the ground near cost us the farm! Loved the rhythm of the words, and all the many places my thoughts were allowed to run. There's a million pieces waiting to be born from this write!

kj said...

in reverence and agreement i am whistling and clapping with you, mr. wander.

must be something in the air. many of us are discouraged realists tonight.


Wine and Words said...

I feel like Dr. Suess has revisited planet blog! Petrol sounds cleaner than gas. It's like any good marketing masks. Destructive stuff, and yet our need to go and go fast supercedes.

Other Mary said...

Good that you talk about the hard truths Chris. Make us examine our actions and think about consequences. I hope you're feeling better too.