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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Dr. is in

You’ll see

It’s speaking to me
The craziness
Is creeping up
Let’s see
Dr Jekyll had good
And a pair, or two
Good hands
Well maybe only one
Powered by two
Is that my hand I am thinking with
Or is that you
Its speaking to me
The craziness
Is creeping up
You’ll see
One drink is all
I’ll need to Hyde
and bring forth
The evil that is creeping
From deep inside
One drink is all
You’ll see
One drink is all you’ll see

Chris McQueeney    7/6/12    11:15 P.M.

This has been linked to d'Verse poets pub...drink up


Brian Miller said...

one all it takes, for some to jekyll and Hyde for that my hand talking or a very surreal line....

funny you mention swimming holes....we tubed the james river yesterday...or at least a few miles of it to keep cool...the water was so warm from the heat...

Nadja Notariani said...

'One drink is all I'll need to Hyde' the play on words.

'Well maybe only one powered by two; is that my hand I'm thinking with, or is that you?' ....Fantastic exploration of the psyche!

The play on Jekyll and Hyde is just great. We've all a Hyde inside - he simply wears a different face for you than he dons for me, whispers different lies to you than he whispers to me.

Green Monkey said...

I often wonder what that reality is like - knowing it only takes one slip up. I stopped smoking many years ago (19?) and I still dream that I fucked up, took one hit and am back to smoking 2 packs a day.

Your poem will linger with me - that's become the norm. Not something I experience typically with words.

Wander said...

The warmth has just hit portland so todat to the river I go

Wine and Words said...

Interesting poem with layers of meaning. My father just had a relapse into the bottle after 30 years sobriety. It was a close call but we got him back. Tequila turns me into somewhat of a lunatic. I don't mind my lunacy so much, so I only drink it alone...which I guess is not recommended. *shrug*

Ben Ditty said...

I felt dumb after the first read because I was just thinking of the book. But, wow, really profound. You are a phoenix, my friend.

Wander said...

What does he wisper to you Nadja?
After reading your host of nicknames I started thinking that I needed to come up with one for you.....

Wander said...

X'd the smokes 9 mo ago and i can relate to that dream :-)

Your words stay with me also Shannon...

Wander said...

Glad to hear that!

Wander said...

No Ben, not dumb...bacon on the brain!

She Writes Here Now said...

I know Mr. Hyde. I've seen his eyes emerge in Dr. Jekyll's after he has had to much to drink. He scares me. But what scares me more is the powerful voice of a liquid that goes down cool, or smooth, or with even with a burn, but almost always resurrects itself with nothing but a burn for those who listen to its seductive voice. Your writing is getting better and better. I love to see how writing a lot can work this in a writer. This was very good. Some nice lines "hyding" here :).

She Writes Here Now said...

Oh, as to the river and PDX sun? YAY!!!! :)! I am soooo happy!

Anonymous said...

i love how clever your words are.
they're playful, but serious.

nice write chris!