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Monday, July 2, 2012

Tuesday guest spot #2 B Ditty

     For my second installment of Tuesday guest spot I thought I might bring some humor on board. This blog thing has a trippy way of coming about and I found our next guest by his off the wall comment on Wine and words and the rest is history…I am laughing right now because I never thought I would say that, even in jest. Many authors and bloggers inspire me but Ben, or B Ditty, has gotten my creative wheels spinning about a dozen times and some of them have even made it up on my blog. This man has an amazing spin on the world and every time I read his fiction I am reminded why I started following his blog.

      I thought I would try something different and I figured Ben would play along…I asked Ben to write his own questions and answer them; he did but I added the last one because I was curious. Aside for his obsession with gnomes, and his brilliant mind, Ben has a gynormus beard ;-)

What author(s) inspired you most?
I always loved the worlds created by J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and L. Frank Baum. I’m a bit of a fantasy nerd in that. I’ve read some sci-fi but it never moved me as much. And it bothers me the two are so often lumped together. The allure of of something so different, that can’t be reality in any logical sense but solely within our imaginations, I find extremely satisfying.

What were the earliest writings of yours that you remember?
My first brush with creative writing began in elementary school. We had these comparative assignments, where we’d write about the differences, similarities and comparisons. I took the assignment differently than my classmates. I wrote scary and violent things that frightened my teacher and resulted in poor grades. In the end, though, I caved and tried to be “agreeable” for grades sake. Or at least I tell myself I was sarcastically happy, writing about cute kitties and puppies lapping water with their tongues.

The craziest thing you ever wrote; hands down?
I maintain the craziest thing I’ve written was a story on evil Gingerbread people. It involved a man lost in the woods who stumbled upon a community inhabited by cookies. He ends up breaking into one of their houses and gets put on trial. The punishment is for him to eat gingerbread people condemned to death. It turns out they were his friends. Also, he gets put in the oven and turns gingerbread afterwards. For good measure, he’s then led out to be eaten.

What other hobbies do you have besides being an awesome, writer dude?
There’s a few other hobbies I’ve picked up. I play ocarina on occasion. I discuss politics and history. I have a Bachelors in History, actually. Also, I enjoy volunteering to tutor local kids at the Middle School.

What pen names have you considered, if any?
Well, interesting story. People in high-school called me B. Diddy. That became B. Ditty, since my last name is Ditmars. And sometimes, I go by Bee Ditty. So, much like languages my pen name has evolved over time.

If you could live in a book, which would it be?
That’s a tough decision. It might be the Iliad. It might be the Odyssey. I enjoy a good fight and seafaring adventure.

I also wonder if you would answer what it was like being a bastion of creativity in the heartland...
Oh, I wouldn't call myself a bastion. There are a lot of people more talented than I. Columbus has a particularly great poetry scene. I was lucky enough to read there in May at Kafe Kerouac. The only downside the Heartland really has is its lack of a well renowned publishing house. I think you'd read a lot more creativity from Ohio and surrounding areas if we had the capacity of New York, Chicago or LA.

Thanks for this opportunity, Chris. I had a lot of fun and am honored you had me in mind!

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Brian Miller said...

oh nice....i think that might be the book i would not mind living in as well...ha the gingerbread story sounds cool as well...

Anonymous said...

he did a great job interviewing himself.

and the guest, wonderfully entertaining.

nice post chris.

She Writes Here Now said...

hah! Interviewing himself fits the humor :).

BerlinerinPoet said...

Fun post! I really enjoyed reading this. Great job done by the both of you.

Anonymous said...


Green Monkey said...

so BEN, you were B ditty before P ditty (or diddy)! you're a trend setter.

Love reading the guts of my favorite bloggers!

Wine and Words said...

Well, can I join in the mutual love fest and say MUCHO love to the both of you! You are both creative and talented!

Nadja Notariani said...

History buff? Politics?? Tutor?? Jeez! Some of my favorite things...sans the politics. I read quietly about that subject. Lol.

Unfortunately, I'm a huge scaredy cat...I hardly ever read/watch scarey things. Ha! My husband and kids laugh at me...I still get scared to be home alone after dark. Ha! It must be genetic because our 20 year old daughter is also afraid to be home alone....or in the dark...ha! That's why I have a huge dog. Forget criminals...I'm afraid of the boogey-man. And gypsies. My mom used to tell us when we misbehaved that she'd let us out of the car/house and the gypsies would get us. I didn't have a clue as to what a gypsy was...but it was enough to get me in line. Ha!

Anonymous said...

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