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Saturday, July 21, 2012

In memory to those lost

These two pieces have been written from two prospective's, the first will be very offensive to most, and rightly so...the second may feel very good to others...I can say that it doesn't to me, it was my first reaction. This poetry is a way to express things that wouldn't normally be  ok any other place. Please read both together. Know that the path taken by our country in the aftermath  will show what kind of nation we are and where we need to be. My prayers go out to all the family's of the slain, and injured. 

Pull my pin

Bowling for columbine’s got nothing on me
I’m the one true Lone gunman, really
See how powerful my master play unfolds
Pull my pin Tear gas explodes
On a crowd Of Dark knight watching
Chair bound victims Scream as I’m dropping
Another belt notch thirteen X or more
Pale bodied empty skin bags hit the floor
The whole world sees me lay my claim so masterful

Chris McQueeney    7/21/12    12:32 A.M.

The unick has spoken

Only a coward can claim
Some sick sort of power
And fame from quenching
The light from those souls
Snuffing out life with a click
Mother fucker you have no balls
Your manhood broken
The unick has spoke
With a gun he’s said to me
No man, no man indeed
One day the time will come
He will take that long walk
Into a very shallow hole
And on that day I’m sure I will see
Him blubber like a bitch
On his way to old sparky

Chris McQueeney    7/21/12    1:10 P.M

I hope you were able to make this far, thank you for reading my work :-)


Ben Ditty said...

You've captured the deranged mind of a killer and the emotions of his victims in two stunning verses. Very happy you took this risk.

Brian Miller said...

i think you did well chris...i think writing allows us to see other perspectives or try to make sense of something that seems so senseless...there is no excuse...but there may be reason...some do it after intense bullying, so do i feel for them, i condone, justice still needed, yes...i was traveling as this unfolded so i dont know as much about his motives or reasons but ugh man...sad for those affected....

how r u feeling today?

Wander said...

Thanks was like you said it was a risk on my part, I have no desire to hurt anyone but they came to me...and I didn't know what else to do

Wander said...

Hi Brian, as far as how am I feeling, not as bad still crappy though.
This kind of thing is f-ed up in the extreme To lose your humanity enough to slaughter 12 + people in a theatre sets off the same kind of rage in me I had when I wrote these first it was only going to be one poem...but the voice of each was so different I couldn't make the transition

Nadja Notariani said...

My best friend's daughter lived in the town where the shooting happened. She moved home almost two weeks ago.

Your poems capture both sides of the tragedy, the derranged mindset of evil personified and the anger of the collective masses. It's too bad (in my humble opinion) that someone in that theater didn't have their permit to carry a concealed weapon. It may have saved lives. Unfortuantely, it's the law abiding citizens that follow gun laws and regulations - criminals and lunatics don't care.

Me...I carry.

Anonymous said...

it's these kind of events why i avoid watching the news. trying to make sense of senseless acts. impossible.

your words encompassing the event and the did well.

Youngman Brown said...

You did well.

Lydia said...

I found the pair of poems worked well together, but each is certainly strong enough to stand on its own. If an anthology is produced of people's poems and expressions about this massacre I would hope that your first poem, so powerful, would find its way into the work.

NefariousX said...

The juxtaposition of the two pieces was interesting, in the reaction it created in me as a reader. First the role play of a killer then the outrage of the action.

Although both explicit a reaction, the first reaction to the first poem overwhelms the reaction to the second. Interesting work.