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Thursday, July 19, 2012

...Such is life, I guess

All I can do

living in
And sorrow
I had dreams
Of yesterday's tomorrow
But today was sad Instead
Left with lingering Memories
Of the bond between you and me
In this tomorrow's yesterday
All I can do is cry and pray
And hope you found peace
In your end
Good bye to you
Signed with love
Your friend

Chris McQueeney 7/17/12   10:59 P.M.

    I was scared this week. While at work on Monday I got chemical burns on my lungs from atomized particles of sodium hydroxide. I am a painter by trade, and am exposed to chemicals on a very regular basis. The situation was one that could happen to a person in my field at any point in time. That is one of the hazards that I have to deal with on a regular basis.
    The incident was not my fault. I was using the proper safety equipment, and being cautious about the stain stripper I was applying to the outside of the home I was working on. The funny thing is that while I was being cautious another person was not, and I get to suffer because of it…such is life, I guess.
    Immediately upon inhaling the caustic material I started coughing, and soon after was vomiting. After about five minutes of that I was rushed to the hospital by the owner of the company I work for. On the ride it occurred to me that I could die from the exposure…my next thought was what would happen to my children. They would be taken care of, but would not have a father.
    As I’m sure you can tell I didn’t die, but I did get to spend five hours coughing and vomiting blood .I have not been back to work , and not sure when I will . More and more I am being driven to find another field of work…writing
    Thank you to my family and friends for checking on me, and thank you Christopher for driving me around, and Jen and Jason for taking care of me  


She Writes Here Now said...

Life is fragile. My biggest fear is that Jane would have no mother of something happened to me. Glad you are okay! Moments like this are reminders of how fragile we all are.

Brian Miller said...

dude...i am glad you are ok...that is scary stuff...amy is right, life is fragile...something happening to my kids is the worst thought to me...followed by if i could not take care of them...glad you have good friends to care for you as well...

christopher said...


Anonymous said...

i hope you're mending chris!

i'm in love with that poem. nice.

kj said...

jeez chris, that is really a scare. i'm glad you are on the mend--i hope you and have fresh air around you and you will breathe deep,

now who did you write this poem for?


Wander said...

Not quite ok, but alive. ..and that is huge!

Wander said...

I am lucky that I have the people in my life that I do

Wander said...

Right back at ya

Wander said...

Thank you lisa...:-)

Wander said...

Hi kj...the poem was penned after reading a poem by another author about her childhood friend killing himself ties to my life...but I think it works well

Nadja Notariani said...

In a way, I am thankful for moments such as the one you lived through. It reminds me that each day is a gift not a given, and to live as if it may be my last - because it may.

Chemicals are nasty business...among other things. My father was once contaminated via a faulty respirator (while working in containment at a nuclear facility) A trip to the hospital, scrubbed face and nasal passageways, and fever and chills later, he was all right. It was the first moment of realization in my teen aged mind that my father was not invincible. That his job, where he worked in dangerous situations, was done for us despite the risk. I saw him differently after that - gained a deeper respect.

BerlinerinPoet said...

SO glad to hear you are alright!