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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The creative juices are not flowing. Life is imposing it's tentacles into all of me leaving little left for He ment well. Day after day I get up and put one foot in front of the other, hoping that I won't step on any toes that people put in my way. They can't help it, my life attracts toes and my feet find them weather I want to or not. I jest, but at the same time I'm dead serious. The sad thing is that with a few simple changes the magnet gets turned around. I know this intellectually, I've experienced this at least a dozen times, when I open my self up to the aether and allow my self to accept the guidance and grace offered I do sooooo much better! My day was better than most, and it all had to do with a little willingness, and a tiny bit of suffering.
     Well Mage, this one is wandering, and at least for the moment is not lost. Ha ha I'm so full of my self sometimes.
He ment well

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jennifer said...

Well lil brother in your defense those shoes of yours are awfully big to miss ALL the toes lol;) but seriously, well written even if you feel as though the creative juices are not flowing they are ever present as you, my brother, are a natural born writer! Always enjoy, and look forward to all you have to share!