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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Standardised testing

Standardised testing,

 All those growing robots with their No.2 pencils
 filling those bleak ovals
 never straying outside the lines
square little chairs
with square backs and square tops
square leg pattern
Bleak empty ovals deciding the worth of a child
and teacher

Chris McQueeney, 5/7/2011


christopher said...

That's a good poem, Chris. It inspired me.

Taking My Final

I broke my pencil
testing my mettle, sassing
the teacher with shards
of yellow hex wood
flipped his way underhand like
a shortstop cutting
off the runner on
first, looking for my final
winning double play.

He ment well (sometimes did) said...

Thank you. Hex wood I like that. This came about because of a sentence fragment that I was not willing to change, it sounded too good to let go two times, haha I made funny. I find I am posessive about my writing, some things just shouldn't be changed. It's my story it should look and sound the way I want it to.

jennifer said...

I totally know what you mean! I agree. I decided long ago that when I have my poetry book published it will be 'as is' take it or leave it I don't plan on changing the thoughts,feelings,or expressions that came from my heart/experiences.

christopher said...

Keep writing!