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Friday, May 6, 2011

river runs

The cards turn, the river runs, and the chips change hands. Poker, an interesting sport. Got to watch people Jockey for position and act like the flop didn't hurt or help them. Is it a bluff, a lie, or a strategic use of misdirection? Well enough for now.


christopher said...

Writing is mostly about writing. Huge numbers of words streaming past the point of contact, pen to paper, hands on keyboard, and then moving back up and down the wordstream, cutting and culling, adding and reshaping, how many times until you say over now!

But that point is arbitrary and tomorrow you might do it again because in that new present moment six other words reveal themselves as weak and not yet right.

Then you do another piece and another and another, and all the same stream though not the same words, the same work, the same creation.

Why? Because you have to, however you get to the place where you have to. Most writers end up in jobs of some kind, with deadlines. Meeting deadlines is all part of it. I think of cartoonists with daily output. Most writing is like that. How we do it? We get far ahead of the deadline, like I have over three hundred poems waiting to post, and nine hundred or so to post again if I want. Then I work to stay that far ahead rather than to come up with something today.

He ment well (sometimes did) said...

I had just got done watching people play cards for five hours. I had more on my mind and would have said more but it was late and my mind started to wander, although insted of trying to go to sleep I could have continued to write because I didn't sleep untill after four.