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Monday, May 9, 2011

I hope this does not offend
My brain does strange things some times
The filter turned off 
This hucksters rendition went
  From me to here
Drive thru tail for sale
Drive through tale 4 sail
Sail through a drive thru for
Drive through
Chris McQueeney 5/9/2011


christopher said...

Scribed On The Shit-house Wall

"Tail for sale" consists
of three torn rooster feathers
in a gallon sized
baggie, stuffed in there
and tangled, with bits of stuff
still attached, a kit
designed for for a rat
to take away and ponder
like that guy pondered
(Alas, poor Yorick's
skull) the shape of things passing
and those still to come.

christopher said...

By the way, may I introduce to you my friend and follower, Linda Socha. She hangs out in Dixie, claims Nashville is her home town. She doesn't seem to post that much anymore.

He ment well (sometimes did) said...

Tes you may I saw she had posted here. I went to her blog and she hasent posted anything there since last October.