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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This life

This life that I have,
this confusing thing that I have been given
Why here
what now
Where will I go with this
life that I have
Living has
Life has responsibilities
where is the room
For me



christopher said...

Welcome to the real world. Notice how decisions based on self have led to your predicaments, just like mine and everyone else's. Notice as well that detaching with love is the solution to living well as a slave to the real. Keep and nurture your imagination along the way as best you can. Remember yourself in fantasy and look for ways to manifest that without spinning into insanity.

Or else self destruct. You know how.

This is what everyone else is doing, you know, even when they are confused about it.

Indigo said...

Make no mistake we touch far more lives than we'll ever know in a lifetime. (Hugs) Indigo