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Saturday, April 25, 2015

If not for you there would be no me

Again today

I dreamt of you
Again today
You were there for me
In my dreams
Twelve years it’s been
And I remember like it was just yesterday
I miss you so
That grief thing rears its ugly head and bites
And that motherfucker has teeth
Twelve years or fifty it is all the same
You are gone
And only in my dreams are you real
At first I was sad
Then I got mad
How could you do this
Now it is an ache
Like a missing limb
Ghost pains
I keep a piece of you here
In my chest
You told me when I was young
Real men don’t cry
After a bit of life went by you told me you were so wrong
That tears don’t make you less of a man
I am glad to know that
Because I still have tears for you

More for me without you

Chris McQueeney    4/25/15

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